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Product Name Model Number Variant Category
MT MeshConnect 2011-02 0x2011 0x02 Gateway
MT MeshConnect 2011-03 0x2011 0x03 Gateway
MT MeshConnect 2011-04 0x2011 0x04 Gateway
MT AirMesh 1011 0x0000 0x01 Extender
MT AirMesh 1021 0x0000 0x02 Extender
Raytac MDBT50Q-RX 0040 0x0040 0x00 Extender/Gateway
Minew MBM01 0043 0x0043 0x00 Extender
MT AirMesh 1031 0x0017 0xFF Node
MT MultiTracker 110 0x0005 0x01 Sensor/Tracker
MT MultiTracker 111 0x0005 0x02 Sensor/Tracker
MT MultiTracker 112 0x0005 0x03 Sensor/Tracker
MT MultiTracker 113 0x0005 0x04 Sensor/Tracker
MT MultiTracker 114 0x0005 0x05 Sensor/Tracker
MT MultiTracker 115 0x0005 0x06 Sensor/Tracker
MT MultiTracker 116 0x0005 0x07 Sensor/Tracker
MT PocketClip 231 0x000F 0xFF Sensor/Tracker
MT Wristband 211 0x0010 0xFF Sensor/Tracker
MT MotionSensor 151 0x0018 0x02 Sensor/Tracker
Minew B10 0011-03 0x0011 0x03 Sensor/Tracker

Obsolete Devices

Product Name Model Number Variant Category
Q100 2011-01 0x2011 0x01 Gateway
MT PocketClip 231 (legacy firmware) 0x0006 Sensor/Tracker
MT Wristband 211 (legacy firmware ) 0x0007 Sensor/Tracker
MT Wristband 221 (obsolete firmware) 0x0008 Sensor/Tracker

Supported Device Modes

The supported modes of the devices.

Product Name Storage Connected Unconnected DFU
MT MeshConnect 2011
MT AirMesh 10xx
MT AirMesh 1031
MT MultiTracker 11x
MT PocketClip 231
MT Wristband 211
MT MotionSensor 15x
Minew B10 0011-03
Raytac MDBT50Q-RX 0040
Minew MBM01 0043

Version Numbers

Device firmware version numbers follow this format: {major}.{minor}.{patch}

Beta versions will have an additional number beta that must be greater than 0. The beta version number is written like this: {major}.{minor}.{patch}-beta.{beta}.

Major release

When major is increased, the release contains relatively major changes. There might also be breaking changes. Read the changelog entry carefully before deploying.

Minor release

When minor is increased, this means there are new features and/or minor non-breaking changes. A minor release is safe to roll out. Examine the changelog to take advantage of new features and improvements.

Patch release

When patch is increased, the release contains bugfixes and/or improvements. A patch release can safely be rolled out.