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Latest API Version: 1.0.0-beta.4

MQTT Version: 3.1.1

Eclipse Hono API

A gateway will publish/subscribe to topics under t/{t}/{d}, where {t} is a tenant's unique identifier, {d} is a device's MAC address, for example t/Meshtech/ddc571e972f5.

All devices, added to a tenant, will also subscribe to the topics starting with t/{t}.


Eclipse Hono can be configured to operate in two modes:

  • raw
  • decoded

In raw mode (default) the gateway will use raw hex strings for values and identifiers.

In decoded mode the gateway will encode/decode JSON and human-readable identifier names if possible and fall back to raw encoding when that is not possible.


The following configuration parameters are used to configure the Eclipse Hono API connection for a gateway.

Parameter Description
id "EclipseHono"
host Hostname of MQTT broker
port Port number of MQTT broker
useTls Set to true to use TLS
userName Username
password Password
rootCertificates One or more CA root certificates. Used to validate server certificate when TLS is enabled
certificate A tenant's trusted CA. Used for the gateway's auto-provisioning
privateKey Used for a protocol adapter to authenticate
mode "decoded" or "raw". When not set, mode is "legacy".
tenantId A tenant's unique identifier
disableRequests Set to false to enable requests
devices An array of grouped devices' MAC addresses belonging to a tenant