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0x9000 - Scan Window

Type: u8

Name: scan-window (1)

Scan window in percentage of scan interval. Maximum and minimum value is device dependent.

0x9001 - Antenna Type

Type: u8

Name: antenna-type (1)

Value Description
1 External
2 Internal


"external" | "internal"

0x9002 - Network Lock

Type: u8

Name: network-lock (1)

Network lock byte. Default value is 0.

See Network Lock.

0x9003 - Slave Latency

Type: u8

Name: slave-latency (5)

0x9006 - Preferred Parent

Type: mac-address

Name: preferred-parent (1)

Default value: 0x000000000000

When set to 0x000000000000, preferred parent MAC is not set.

The value 0xFFFFFFFFFFFF is not supported.

When Preferred Parent is set, the device will first try to establish connection to that parent. If this times out, it will begin searching for another parent to connect to.

0x9010 - Default Pins State

Type: u8

Name: default-pins-state (1)



Default pin state.

0x9020 - Offer RSSI Threshold

Type: s8

Name: offer-rssi-threshold (4)

Minimum RSSI value for connecting during offer collection. This is used by the parent to avoid connecting and giving offer to devices with weak signal.

Setting this value effectively limits the maximum range, so be careful not to set it too high. The BLE radio will typically not receive anything with RSSI less than around -100 and an RSSI less than -90 is considered weak.

Set to -127 to effectively disable the threshold.

0x9021 - Offer Collection Period

Name: offer-collection-period (4)

Offset Type Description
0:1 u16 Active (in seconds)
2:3 u16 Pause (in seconds)


  "active": [number],
  "pause": [number]  

This is used to configure the offer collection period. The device will do offer collection for Active number of seconds, then take a pause (Pause seconds). If the device receives an offer during the active period, it will continue looking for a better offer and try to connect.

The purpose of having a pause between offer collections is twofold:

  • Lower power consumption to increase battery life
  • Limit the number of devices doing offer collection simultaneously in large installations. This will reduce the load on network extenders during network formation (offer collection).

To disable offer collection period and do continuous offer collection, set both Active and Pause to 0.

Setting just one of the Active or Pause to 0 is not allowed.


Devices will take a random pause of up to Pause seconds after being disconnected from the parent. This is done in order to introduce skew between devices, so that not all advertise at the same time. This means that the first offer collection will start after a random delay unless this is the first offer collection after reset (for example after switching to Connected mode).