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Dynamic properties are typically related to gateway, network extenders and other network devices. Mostly read-only.

Type: s8

Name: uplink-rssi (1)

Average uplink RSSI (connection to parent).

Uplink RSSI is measured every second when a child is connected to a parent.

Uplink RSSI reports an RSSI value, which is an average of average RSSI samples with a weight of 5 and the latest measured RSSI with a weight of 1:

Average RSSI calculation

Average RSSI = ((average RSSI * 5) + (current RSSI)) / 6

0x9108 - Network Interface

Type: u8

Name: network-interface (5)

Current network interface in use.

Value Description
0 Ethernet

0x9110 - Cellular Network Information

Type: dictionary

Name: cellular-network-information (1)

Key (hex) Type Description
00 u16 Error. See Status Codes
01 UTF-8 (3) Mobile Country Code (MCC)
02 UTF-8 (2-3) Mobile Network Code (MNC)
03 u16 Location Area Code (LAC)
04 u16 Cell ID (CID)
05 u32 UTRAN Cell ID (LCID) - 28 bits
06 u16 Tracking Area Code (TAC)


  "error": [number],      // When error
  "mcc": [string(3)],
  "mnc": [string(2-3)],
  "lac": [number],        // 3G
  "cid": [number],        // 3G
  "lcid": [number],       // LTE
  "tac": [number]         // LTE

0x9111 - ICCID

Type: UTF-8

Name: iccid (3)

SIM card identifier.

0x9120 - Geographic Point Location

Type: dictionary

Name: geographic-point-location (1)

Key (hex) Type Description
00 u16 Error. See Status Codes
01 UTF-8 Latitude in decimal degrees following ISO 6709
02 UTF-8 Longitude in decimal degrees following ISO 6709
03 UTF-8 Altitude in meters (format: +/-AAA.AAA). Sign is required. The integer part and the fraction part of altitude are both variable-length.


  "error": [number],      // When error
  "latitude": [string],
  "longitude": [string],
  "altitude": [string]    // Optional

0x9130 - Ethernet IP Configuration

Type: dictionary

Key (hex) Type Description
01 u32 IP Address
02 u8 Subnet Prefix Length (in bits). Value from 0-32.
03 u32 Gateway
04 u32 Preferred DNS
05 u32 Alternate DNS
06 u32 NTP Server IP
07 UTF-8 NTP Server Hostname