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MT PocketClip 231


In the welfare industry, the MT PocketClip 231 is a practical product as it does not violate any sanitary requirements in hospitals or nursing homes. It has a push button for alarm signaling/response and vibrates whenever attention is needed. It is used as a tracker device normally operating in unconnected mode.

The Bluetooth chipset is nRF51822 from Nordic Semiconductor.

  • Firmware Model Number: 0x000F (15)
  • DFU Type: Nordic DFU
  • DFU Advertisement Name: DFU_WB_CR899:{MAC Address}


This device does not support normal in-operation firmware update. It must be updated in DFU mode (Nordic DFU).

Supported Device Modes

  • Storage
  • Unconnected
  • DFU


Property Reported Default Value From Version
0x8000 - Model Number Yes 0x000F (15)
0x8001 - Firmware Version Yes -
0x8002 - Hardware Version Yes -
0x8003 - MAC Address No -
0x8007 - Variant Yes -
0x8020 - Power Source Yes 0x02 (2)
0x8100 - Battery Level Yes -
0x8101 - Uptime Yes 0x00000000
0x8110 - Device Mode Yes 0x04 (unconnected)
0x8204 - Motion to Not In Motion Timeout Yes 60 sec 3.2.0
0x8300 - Soft Reset - -
0x8301 - Factory Reset - -
0x8302 - Request Property Reporting - -
0x8810 - Motion Yes -
0x9800 - Alarm State / SOS Yes 0x00 (0)
0x9801 - Priority Yes 0x00 (0)
0x9802 - TX Power Yes 0x04 (tx power +4)
0x9803 - Long Button Press Timeout Yes 0x02BC (700 ms)
0x9804 - Status and Tracking Interval in Normal Mode Yes 0x00C80A (200ms, 10 Multiplier)
0x9805 - Status and Tracking Interval in SOS/Alarm Mode Yes 0x00C802 (200ms, 2 Multiplier)
0x9806 - Status and Tracking Interval in Priority Mode Yes 0x01F401 (500 ms, 1 Multiplier)
0x9807 - Status and Tracking Interval in Sleep Mode Yes 0x0BB805 (3000 ms, 5 Multiplier)
0x9808 - Inactive to Sleep Delay Yes 60 seconds 3.2.0
0x9810 - Whitelist Key Yes 0x000000000000
0x9820 - Text Message - -
0x9821 - Unread Text Message Yes 0x00 (0)


Event Version
0x8113 - Watchdog Reset Event 3.3.0

Operating Modes

  • Normal

When in a normal mode, the priority and the alarm are set to "00".

  • Alarm

When in Alarm mode, the Wristband gives light signals every 2 seconds. To switch the device to Alarm mode, the button has to be pressed for a while.

  • Priority

If prioritized, the messages from the device have a higher priority in the network queues. If not, the device reports less often.

  • Sleep

The device enters this mode after being still for approximately 2 minutes. The device in Sleep mode uses less current and generates less traffic in the network.

Release Notes

Release Notes