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Minew B10 0011-03


3rd party hardware from Minew. It has builtin rechargeable battery (90mAh) that is charged from a USB-A socket via the included cable. USB charger is not included. Will last up to 1 month between charge with default settings in unconnected mode. When ordered with Meshtech firmware, device is programmed from factory to work seamlessly and integrate fully in a Meshtech system. It has a push button for input and vibrate/LED indication to provide feedback.

The Bluetooth chipset is nRF52832 from Nordic Semiconductor.

  • Firmware Model Number: 0x0011 (17)
  • DFU Type: Nordic DFU (Secure)
  • DFU Advertisement Name: DFU_0011:{MAC Address +1}


Before first use it is recommended to charge the device. Green LED will light while device is charging. Full charge from fully discharged will take 1.6hours with 1A 5V USB charger.

Normal operation procedure

Similar to all Meshtech trackers the Minew B10 0011-03 is delivered in storage mode. This is to conserve power and avoid BLE advertising during transport. Normal operation device-mode for this device is unconnected. Pressing button for 1s will make device discoverable by advertising BLE storage mode advertisements, and device can be switched to unconnected mode by command via system/gateway. If no command to switch device mode is received while being in this state, device will go back to sleep and stop advertisements. To simplify provisioning to unconnected mode, pressing button for more than 5 seconds while in storage mode will automatically switch it to unconnected mode, and no command to switch mode is necessary from the system. When activating by long press, device will indicate that long press (5s+) has been received by lighting blue LED and vibrating.

In unconnected mode device will advertise tracking and status updates. Alarm is activated by pressing button until device vibrate and blink blue LED 3 times. Blue LED will continue to blink periodically as long as alarm is active. Alarm state can be confirmed/cleared from system, and device will indicate with red LED and vibrate to show that alarm has been cleared.

Supported Device Modes

  • Storage
  • Unconnected
  • DFU


In DFU mode, the device MAC Address will increase with one. As an example, if MAC Address is AA:BB:CC:11:22:33, in DFU mode device will appear with MAC Address AA:BB:CC:11:22:34 and advertisement name "DFU_0011:AABBCC112234". Another example if MAC Address is AA:BB:CC:11:22:3F, in DFU mode device will appear with MAC Address AA:BB:CC:11:22:40 and advertisement name "DFU_0011:AABBCC112240"


Property Reported Default Value From Version
0x8000 - Model Number Yes 0x0011 (17)
0x8001 - Firmware Version Yes -
0x8002 - Hardware Version Yes -
0x8003 - MAC Address No -
0x8007 - Variant Yes 0x03 (3)
0x8020 - Power Source Yes 0x02 (2)
0x8100 - Battery Level Yes -
0x8101 - Uptime Yes 0x00000000
0x8110 - Device Mode Yes 0x03 (storage)
0x8120 - Firmware Update State Yes 0xFF (255)
0x8121 - Start Firmware Update - -
0x8122 - Firmware Update Control - -
0x8200 - Accelerometer Configuration Yes 0xC340000A012005
0x8204 - Motion to Not In Motion Timeout Yes 60 sec
0x8264 - Vibration Notification Yes 0x01 (true)
0x8265 - Sound Notification Yes Always 0x00 (false)
0x8300 - Soft Reset - -
0x8301 - Factory Reset - -
0x8302 - Request Property Reporting - -
0x8810 - Motion Yes -
0x9800 - Alarm State / SOS Yes 0x00 (0)
0x9801 - Priority Yes 0x00 (0)
0x9802 - TX Power Yes 0x00 (tx power 0)
0x9803 - Long Button Press Timeout Yes 0x02BC (700 ms)
0x9804 - Status and Tracking Interval in Normal Mode Yes 0x00C80A (200ms, 10 Multiplier)
0x9805 - Status and Tracking Interval in SOS/Alarm Mode Yes 0x00C802 (200ms, 2 Multiplier)
0x9806 - Status and Tracking Interval in Priority Mode Yes 0x01F401 (500 ms, 1 Multiplier)
0x9807 - Status and Tracking Interval in Sleep Mode Yes 0x0BB805 (3000 ms, 5 Multiplier)
0x9808 - Inactive to Sleep Delay Yes 60 seconds
0x9810 - Whitelist Key Yes 0x000000000000
0x9821 - Unread Text Message Yes Always 0x00 (0)


Event Version
0x8113 - Watchdog Reset Event


Each device also has a 13.56Mhz NFC NTAG213 sticker inside.

Current consumption

Average current consumption measurements done in some typical different device states. This is to illustrate that different advertisement intervals and SOS/Alarm active will impact battery lifetime significantly.

Device state Average current consumption
Storage sleep 8.5µA
Storage advertising 104µA
Unconnected Normal Mode (alternate 98.04=0x03E801) 49µA
Unconnected Normal Mode (default 98.04=0x00C80A) 119µA
Unconnected SOS/Alarm Mode (98.05=0x00FA01) 130µA
Unconnected Priority Mode (98.06=0x01F401) 77µA
Unconnected Sleep Mode (98.07=0x00C80A) 26µA

Release Notes

Release Notes