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Status Codes

Status Hex Description
0 0x0000 OK
1 0x0001 Not supported by gateway
2 0x0002 Device not found. Gateway cannot find device.
3 0x0003 Timeout. Request timed out in gateway.
4 0x0004 Error in gateway
10 0x000A Request failed (deprecated)
16 0x0010 Packet/command not supported. Unable to decode
17 0x0011 Busy executing command
32 0x0020 Property not supported
33 0x0021 Wrong property value format / incorrect number of bytes
34 0x0022 Property value out of range
35 0x0023 Property value not supported
36 0x0024 Property not writeable
37 0x0025 Property not readable
38 0x0026 Not Applicable
48 0x0030 Firmware internal error
32768 - 32783 0x800x Generic Error
34817 0x8801 Unable to connect due to timeout
34818 0x8802 Not authorized
34819 0x8803 Response too large
34820 0x8804 Request data too large
34821 0x8805 No space
34822 0x8806 Not found
34823 0x8807 Parameter value invalid
35073 0x8901 Measurement not supported
35074 0x8902 Measurement reading not yet available
35075 0x8903 Measurement has communication error