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MT Wristband 211

  • Device Type: Tracker
  • Chipset: nRF52832
  • Model Number: 0x0010 (16)
  • DFU Advertisement Name: DFU_WB


The MT Wristband 211 has made a significant footprint in the welfare industry by providing residents with an alarm signaling system wherever they go. The Wristband 211, combined with our AirMesh products, also makes it possible to enable indoor positioning and access control.

Supported Device Modes

  • Storage
  • Unconnected
  • DFU


Property Reported Default Value From Version
0x8000 - Model Number Yes 0x0010 (16)
0x8001 - Firmware Version Yes -
0x8002 - Hardware Version Yes -
0x8003 - MAC Address No -
0x8007 - Variant Yes -
0x8020 - Power Source Yes 0x02 (2)
0x8100 - Battery Level Yes -
0x8101 - Uptime Yes 0x00000000
0x8110 - Device Mode Yes 0x03 (storage)
0x8120 - Firmware Update State Yes 0xFF (255)
0x8121 - Start Firmware Update - -
0x8122 - Firmware Update Control - -
0x8200 - Accelerometer Configuration Yes 0xC3400003032005 3.2.0
0x8204 - Motion to Not In Motion Timeout Yes 60 seconds 3.2.0
0x8300 - Soft Reset - -
0x8301 - Factory Reset - -
0x8302 - Request Property Reporting - -
0x8810 - Motion Yes -
0x9800 - Alarm State / SOS Yes 0x00 (0)
0x9801 - Priority Yes 0x00 (0)
0x9802 - TX Power Yes 0xFC (-4 dBm)
0x9803 - Long Button Press Timeout Yes 700 ms
0x9804 - Status and Tracking Interval in Normal Mode Yes 0x03E801
0x9805 - Status and Tracking Interval in SOS/Alarm Mode Yes 250 ms, 1 Multiplier
0x9806 - Status and Tracking Interval in Priority Mode Yes 500 ms, 1 Multiplier
0x9807 - Status and Tracking Interval in Sleep Mode Yes 3000 ms, 5 Multiplier
0x9808 - Inactive to Sleep Delay Yes 60 seconds 3.2.0
0x9810 - Whitelist Key Yes 0x000000000000
0x9821 - Unread Text Message Yes Always 0x00 (0)


Event Version
0x8113 - Watchdog Reset Event 3.3.0

Operating Modes

  • Normal

When in a normal mode, the priority and the alarm are set to "00".

  • Alarm

When in Alarm mode, the Wristband gives light signals every 2 seconds. To switch the device to Alarm mode, the button has to be pressed for a while.

  • Priority

If prioritized, the messages from the device have a higher priority in the network queues. If not, the device reports less often.

  • Sleep

The device enters this mode after being still for approximately 2 minutes. The device in Sleep mode uses less current and generates less traffic in the network.


This device will report 0x9821 - Unread Text Message but does not support text messages. Thus, the value will always be 0x00.


The firmware uses the following licenses.