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IOx Gateway 2021

Under Development


IOx Gateway 2021 is a Cisco IOx application running the Meshtech Gateway Host. Combined with the Raytac MDBT50Q-RX 0040 extender dongle this enables access to the Meshtech network and uplink connectivity to the customer backend. The IOx application communicates via the Cisco Access Point to ensure secure and reliable network connectivity.

Configuration and monitoring of the gateway is available through Meshtech Device Management Portal.

  • Firmware Model Number: 0x2021
  • Downlinks: Up to 18

Supported Device Modes

  • Connected


Property Reported Default Value From Version
0x8000 - Model Number Yes -
0x8001 - Firmware Version Yes -
0x8002 - Hardware Version Yes -
0x8003 - MAC Address No -
0x8007 - Variant Yes -
0x8020 - Power Source Yes -
0x8101 - Uptime No -
0x8110 - Device Mode Yes 0x02
0x8111 - Legacy Device Mode Switch -
0x8120 - Firmware Update State Yes
0x8121 - Start Firmware Update -
0x8122 - Firmware Update Control -
0x8124 - Start Firmware Broadcast -
0x8125 - Firmware Broadcast State Yes
0x8126 - Firmware Broadcast Control -
0x8130 - Nordic DFU State Yes 0xFF
0x8131 - Start Nordic DFU - -
0x8132 - Nordic DFU Control - -
0x8212 - Downlink Configuration 2 Yes 0x03000012
0x8211 - RSSI Throttling Limit Yes 0x00
0x8220 - Property Throttling Yes 0x00
0x8221 - RSSI Reporting Yes 0x01 (true)
0x8222 - Measurement Reporting Yes 0x01 (true)
0x8223 - Event Reporting Yes 0x01 (true)
0x8228 - Network Mode Yes 0x00
0x8230 - General Advertisement Reporting No 0x000000
0x8250 - Log to Disk Yes 0x00
0x8251 - Log Debug Yes 0x00
0x8252 - Log RX Yes 0x00
0x8253 - Log TX Yes 0x00
0x8300 - Soft Reset - -
0x8302 - Request Property Reporting - -
0x8304 - Start Downstream Throughput Test - -
0x8305 - Throughput Test Packet Counter No 0x00000000
0x8320 - Destroy Network Below - -
0x8321 - Destroy Network Below Child - -
0x8330 - Flush Property Cache -
0x8400 - Performance Counter Reporting Interval Yes 0x0000
0x8401 - Performance Counter Reporting Priority Yes 0x02
0x9000 - Scan Window Yes 0x18 (24 %)
0x9002 - Network Lock Yes 0x00
0x9020 - Offer RSSI Threshold Yes 0xA6 (-90)
0x9108 - Network Interface Yes
0xFF00 - Scan Mode - -


Scan Window range is 5 - 95 %


Measurement From Version
0x8410 - Upstream Packets Sent
0x8411 - Upstream Packets Lost
0x8412 - Downstream Packets Sent
0x8413 - Downstream Packets Lost

Supported Targets

Target Confirmed
Cisco Catalyst 9130 Supported
Cisco Catalyst 9120 Tested and Supported
Cisco Catalyst 9117 Supported
Cisco Catalyst 9115 Supported
Cisco Catalyst 9105 Supported


IOx Gateway 2021 must be upgraded via Cisco DNA Center or the ioxclient command line tool provided as part of Cisco IOx SDK.

Installation using ioxclient

  • Insert the Raytac MDBT50Q-RX 0040 dongle into the USB port of the Cisco Access Point.
  • Install ioxclient

ioxclient is a command line tool used to manage IOx applications on Cisco devices. This tool is primarily to be used by developers.

The program can be downloaded from Cisco at:!iox-resource-downloads

When you have installed ioxclient you need to create a profile where you specify the connection details for your device. To create a new profile run the following command:

ioxclient profiles create

You will be asked to enter various configuration settings. After you have answered the questions, the profile will be created and activated.

You can create as many profiles as you want and switch between them with the command:

ioxclient profiles activate <profilename>

Installation of the app is done in five steps:

  • Download IOx application
  • Install
  • Activate
  • Start

Download IOx Application Firmware

  • Log into Meshtech Device Management at
  • Go to the Firmware section and expand IOx Gateway 2021
  • Click the download button for the version you want to download to download the .tar file.


To install the application to the Cisco Access Point, run the following command:

ioxclient app install IOx_Gateway_2021 <application filename>

This will install the IOx Gateway 2021 application to your device with the name IOx_Gateway_2021. This name is used later to refer to this application instance.


To activate the application, you need to prepare an activation.json file with the following content:

   "resources": {
      "profile": "custom",
      "cpu": 4800,
      "memory": 100,
      "disk": 10,
      "network": [
      "devices": [
            "type": "serial",
            "label": "HOST_DEV1",
            "device-name": "async2",
            "device-id": "/dev/ttyACM0",
            "usage": "UART interface for external BLE Gateway USB dongle"

You can download the file here: activation.json

Then, run the following command:

ioxclient app activate --payload activation.json IOx_Gateway_2021


Now, you can start the application with the following command:

ioxclient app start IOx_Gateway_2021

When the IOx Gateway 2021 application starts up, it will automatically establish a connection to Meshtech Device Management.

The gateway should now be available from


To upgrade the application use the following commands:

  • Stop: ioxclient app stop IOx_Gateway_2021
  • Deactivate: ioxclient app deactivate IOx_Gateway_2021
  • Upgrade: ioxclient app upgrade IOx_Gateway_2021 IOxGateway_2021_6_1_0.tar

When asked to preserve configuration, select 'y' (yes).

  • Activate: ioxclient app activate --payload activation.json IOx_Gateway_2021
  • Start: ioxclient app start IOx_Gateway_2021

Installation using DNA server

One must plug in the dongle and provide the license during installation. The license consists of 3 parts. These parts can be copy-pasted from our Management System.

Please, refer to the Cisco Deployment Guide


The app uses the following licenses.