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0x9800 - Alarm

Type: bool

Name: alarm (1)

Value Description
0 Alarm State OFF
1 Alarm State ON

0x9801 - Priority

Type: bool

Name: priority (1)

Value Description
0 Not prioritized
1 Prioritized

0x9802 - TX Power

Type: s8

Name: tx-power (1)

Chip Accepted values
nRF51 -30, -20, -16, -12, -8, -4, 0, and 4 dBm
nRF52832 -40, -20, -16, -12, -8, -4, 0, and 4 dBm
nRF52840 -40, -20, -16, -12, -8, -4, 0, +2, +3, +4, +5, +6, +7 and +8 dBm

0x9803 - Long Button Press Timeout

Type: u16

Name: long-button-press-timeout (1)

Long button press timeout is in milli-second and must be in multiple of 100ms. Range is 100ms to 25500ms.

0x9804 - Status and Tracking Interval in Normal Mode

Name: normal-mode-advertisement-interval (1)

Offset Type Description
0:1 u16 Advertisement interval is in milli-second. Range is 20ms to 10240ms.
2 u8 Denominator. Valid range: 1-255.

Denominator defines how often status and tracking propagate through network extender. For example, if denominator is 2, every second advertisement comes through. If denominator is 5, every 5th advertisement comes through.

  "interval": [number],
  "denominator": [number]

0x9805 - Status and Tracking Interval in SOS/Alarm Mode

Name: alarm-mode-advertisement-interval (1)

See 0x9804.

0x9806 - Status and Tracking Interval in Priority Mode

Name: priority-mode-advertisement-interval (1)

See 0x9804.

0x9807 - Status and Tracking Interval in Sleep Mode

Name: sleep-mode-advertisement-interval (1)

See 0x9804.

0x9808 - Inactive to Sleep Delay

Type: u16

Name: inactive-to-sleep-delay (1)

Delay in seconds from device becomes inactive in Normal mode until it enters Sleep mode.

Default Value for all devices is 60 seconds.

0x9809 - Alarm 2

Type: bool

Name: alarm-2 (3)

Value Description
0 Alarm State OFF
1 Alarm State ON

0x9810 - Whitelist Key

Name: whitelist-key (1)

Offset Type Description
0:1 u16 Installation ID
2:5 u32 Group Membership Bit-mask
  "site": [number],
  "groups": [hex-string(8)]

0x9820 - Text Message

Name: text-message (1)

When this property is written, the text message is added to the message queue.

User will be notified about the new message and value of 0x9821 will be set to 1.


0-bytes in ascii text data are not allowed.

Offset Type Description
0:n u8 ASCII text message

0x9821 - Unread Text Message

Type: bool

Name: unread-message (1)

Value Description
0 No unread message
1 Unread message

0x9860 - Button Panel State

Type: u8

Name: button-panel-state (1)

Current Button Panel State.

Write to reset button panel state.

0x9861 - Button Panel State Request

Type: u8

Name: button-panel-state-request (1)

New button panel state requested by device.

Write this property to confirm requested state.